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Welcome to Michael Buckhoff’s “7 Step Program to Passing the TOEFL 7 iBT Exam!”


Consider the following thought: "As you take the TOEFL 7 iBT, you are surprised at how easily you answer the reading,

speaking, listening, and writing questions. Your concentration is ideal, and, during the test, you exhibit the following

characteristics: an extensive vocabulary base,  intelligible speech, a thorough knowledge of grammar, attentive

listening comprehension abilities, and coherent writing and speaking skills. A couple of weeks after the test, you get

your results. You have passed the test!  Congratulations!


Of course, many students do not have this type of experience when taking the TOEFL 7 iBT; consequently, they will have

to spend thousands of dollars attending Intensive English Programs before their English level is high enough to pass

the TOEFL 7 iBT.  Additionally, these students will take the TOEFL 7 iBT several times over a period of several years

before getting the required score needed to attend an English-speaking university.


All is not lost, so don't give up hope.  Michael Buckhoff's "7 Step Program to Passing the TOEFL 7 iBT Exam” is

designed for someone just like you-- (1) someone who doesn't want to waste valuable time and money before passing

the TOEFL 7 iBT; (2) someone who wants to achieve a high TOEFL 7 iBT score quickly;  (3) someone who wants to enter

an English-speaking university soon. This intensive TOEFL 7 iBT program, unlike other TOEFL 7 iBT preparation courses,

offers rich academic content in TOEFL 7 iBT reading, listening, speaking, and writing, including additional vocabulary,

pronunciation, and grammar skill areas.  Upon completing this program, you will have the knowledge necessary to

understand what the TOEFL 7 iBT is asking and the skill set to correctly apply that knowledge in answering the questions

with the confidence and expectation that you will receive a qualifying score.  

7 Step System to Passing the TOEFL iBT Exam


Step 1 - Learn English Vocabulary Skills to Super-Size Your Vocabulary


Step 2 - Learn English Pronunciation Skills to Target and Improve Your Pronunciation Weaknesses


Step 3 - Learn English Grammar Skills to Evaluate Your Grammar Competencies


Step 4 - Learn English Listening Skills to Analyze Your Listening Strengths and Weaknesses


Step 5 - Learn English Reading Skills to Develop Effective Reading Strategies


Step 6 - Learn English Writing Skills to Target and Improve Your Writing Weaknesses


Step 7 - Learn English Speaking Skills to Have an Organized Approach to Speaking







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